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Law Office of Jessica C. McElfresh

Welcome to the Law Office of Jessica C. McElfresh. We are a local San Diego law office, and Ms. McElfresh is a respected criminal defense attorney, felony attorney, domestic violence attorney, marijuana attorney, and drug attorney. She advocates for her clients’ rights and best interests, and other California lawyers know that Ms. McElfresh always puts her clients first. Even if she has to fight with the DA’s office, she will continue to stand up for the rights of her clients and the best outcomes possible in their cases. People throughout San Diego know they can count on the Law Office of Jessica C. McElfresh to protect their rights and give them their freedom back. This is done by offering comprehensive legal services with an emphasis on ensuring clients are protected under the law. Ms. McElfresh handles each case personally and is committed to providing the best possible legal advice at an affordable price. As a drug possession attorney, she is accessible and approachable, believing in ongoing and open communication that involves regular updates and informing clients of all of their options every step of the way. The Law Office of Jessica C. McElfresh is located at 11622 El Camino Real, Suite 100, San Diego, CA. Ms. McElfresh is currently accepting new clients, and you can schedule an appointment by calling (858) 756-7107. If you need the best criminal attorney in town, call to request a free consultation.

Areas of Practice

As a local, San Diego attorney, she offers a variety of legal services to meet her clients’ needs including: Criminal Defense Attorney, Criminal Attorney, Criminal Lawyer, Marijuana Defense Attorney, Drug Possession Attorney, Drug Attorney, Domestic Violence Attorney, Domestic Violence Lawyer, Defense Attorney, Drug Defense Attorneyand more.

The Law Office of Jessica C. McElfresh has a diverse local practice that includes helping clients with all cannabis related charges, working with medical marijuana collectives and cooperatives, marijuana and prescription drug DUI charges, felony charges, expunging criminal records, juvenile cases, search and seizure, probation cases, misdemeanors, asset forfeiture, securing alternatives to jail, and more.  She is also the drug defense attorney people turn to for fair and dependable legal representation.  Ms. Jessica C. McElfresh provides legal help to the citizens of California, grew up in San Diego County, and is actively involved in the community.  If you want sound, expert legal advice, call (858) 756-7107
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Attorney Jessica McElfresh

San Diego defense attorney Jessica McElfresh specializes in search and seizure laws, drug cases, and domestic violence cases.  She obtained her law degree from the University of San Diego School of Law.  She grew up in San Diego County and is currently the Community Director for the San Diego chapter of the NORML Women’s Alliance, educating the community and advocating for progressive marijuana legislation. She is fluent in Spanish, and both Ms. McElfresh and the Law Office of Jessica C. McElfresh have earned high ratings for legal ability, professional standards of conduct, and ethics.  Understanding that a criminal case can impact your life and the life of your family for years to come, she provides unparalleled legal representation, leading to the positive resolutions of difficult cases.  Her skillful pretrial plea bargaining has saved clients thousands of dollars and provided grounds for the future expungement of criminal records.  She personally works with each client and provides free consultations over the phone or in person.
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New Clients

Ms. McElfresh and the Law Office of Jessica C. McElfresh advocates for clients, ensuring that they receive the best possible legal advice and representation.  Those living in and around the San Diego area and throughout San Diego County can schedule a consultation by calling (858) 756-7107.  Ms. McElfresh practices law with the utmost care, understanding that she has the ability to protect her clients, their families, and their assets both today and into the future.  The Law Office of Jessica C. McElfresh offers free consultations that can be requested by calling the office.  She is the marijuana defense attorney people trust and will be happy to review your case.  Additionally, she specializes in working with medical marijuana collectives and cooperatives, ensuring they are in compliance with the law and that their rights are preserved.  Visit us today and experience why the Law Office of Jessica C. McElfresh is the best in the area.
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